What is Living Nomad? Living Nomad is my place to highlight my travels and inspire people to travel. My posts will provide tips and advice from travelling around the World and working remotely. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific requests or questions and I will do my best to help out!

Now that you know all about Living Nomad. Let me introduce myself! I'm Emily, a digital nomad from England and like many people, I am a travel lover. I love the adventure of exploring new places and immersing myself into the language and culture of countries around the globe. 

I have a passion for writing and love sharing my travel tips with others so that they can have the best trips! 

I have travelled all around the United Kingdom and visited lots of European countries. This has been through group and solo travel, volunteering and studying abroad.

Currently, I am travelling around South East Asia with my partner. We are both digital nomads and enjoy the freedom remote working offers us (even when working in different time zones!). 

Apart from travel I have a love for sunsets, marine animals (especially sea turtles) and reading.

Thanks for reading!