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How to Spend 24 Hours in Bath, England (Walking Tour)

Bath is a beautiful city located in Somerset, England. It provides the perfect day trip from London to visit a typically British city. The unique architecture and limestone are perfect for taking some Instagram pictures. Whether you are looking for the Roman Baths, cute Instagram spots or an escape to a bustling city, I'm sure you'll love Bath just as much as I do! Bath has something for everyone as it is filled with nature, architecture and great food. It is also easy to get to, making it perfect for any trip length.

If you think Bath might be the place for you then dive right into the guide below. This guide compiles the best things to see and do in Bath as well food and transport options. Feel free to use part of the guide for your trip or follow the walking tour provided to see Bath in 24 hours!

Transport Options

If you choose to drive to Bath then you will be provided with some stunning views of the city on the way in. As the city is set in the valley of the River Avon you can see the hills and houses around the city which are truly beautiful. You can also see these when walking within the city so you won't miss out if you choose another transport option!

There are plenty of car parks available when you arrive by car including Charlotte Street (BA1 2NE), Manvers Street (BA1 1JQ) and Avon Street (BA1 1UF). Although be aware that some of the machines only take cash, payment over the phone or on an app.

Another quick and easy option to reach Bath is by train as it is connected to many cities around England. The train from London Paddington also takes less than an hour and a half on a direct train which is why Bath is great for a day trip when visiting London.

Things to do guide

Stop 1 - Kingsmead Square

Kingsmead Square is the equivalent of a European city as it is so picturesque and relaxing. There are often market stalls in the area, buskers and people sitting around enjoying the sunshine. It is a great place to start the tour as there are lots of cafes and coffee shops around. So grab a drink and absorb the atmosphere by people-watching before continuing the tour.

Stop 2 - Bath Abbey

Once you have spent enough time at Kingsmead Square, make your way along Westgate Street before cutting into Stall Street. This is where you will find the famous Bath Abbey which is stunning and full of history. If you enjoy history then this is a great place to visit as the Abbey has over 1,200 years of history! It is free to enter the Abbey if you wish, they only ask for donations, so it is not an opportunity to miss out on! If history is not for you then the Abbey is still amazing to see as it is so grand. You will also find the Roman Baths in this location if you are planning to visit.

Stop 3 - Abbey Green

Next, you can wander down to Abbey Green. When facing the Abbey turn right outside the doors and continue walking straight until it opens up. This is Abbey Green where the giant plane tree is located. The giant plane tree in the centre of the Green is one of the oldest planted trees in the World as it was planted in 1793! Think about how much change that one tree has seen! This area is amazing as there is so much hustle and bustle from tourists and locals due to the few shops and cafes dotted around. This is a great picture stop on the tour so try and find some different angles to capture!

Stop 4 and 5 - North Parade

If you continue out of Abbey Green you will find yourself walking along North Parade Passage. This is a very narrow passage which has some cute shops. The architecture in Bath is absolutely beautiful and typically British. You can capture pictures of the buildings anywhere in Bath but North Parade Passage opens up into a small square of houses which provides a great photo opportunity!

Once you have reached the end of the passage, the North Parade Bridge can be found opposite. Although this bridge is not as famous as the Pulteney Bridge, it does offer great views of Bath and the surrounding hills.

Stop 6 - Parade Gardens

The next stop on the tour is the Parade Gardens, an area of lush greenery perfect for relaxing. The gardens provide a great escape to nature in a bustling city, feel free to sit and relax here for as long as you wish. The Parade Gardens can be accessed next to the North Parade Bridge through a grand staircase entrance which cannot be missed. You can get some stunning views of the Pulteney Bridge and the River Avon at the end of the park too.

Stop 7 - Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge was built in 1774 and is one of the most amazing bridges in the UK. The bridge is lined with shops and cafes on both sides with a road running between them. The shops and cafes have stunning views of the River Avon and are a great place to grab some food. Although be sure to check availability as they are often very busy!

The bridge can be accessed by leaving Parade Gardens and turning right. The entrance to the bridge is located at the end of the road.

Stop 8 - Lunch!

This is the perfect place to stop for lunch and a rest. There are lots of cafes and restaurants around Pulteney Bridge or closer to the town. A quick search on google maps shows the numerous places nearby from independent cafes and bakeries, to restaurants and coffee chains.

I highly recommend the Good Day Café located on Upper Borough Walls. A cute and modern cafe with delicious food. You can take food away and find somewhere to sit and enjoy the surrounding area if you wish. Why not venture back to Parade Gardens, or take a walk to Royal Victoria Park? If you would rather sit out of the sun (or rain!) for a while, find a cosy seat upstairs in the cafe and enjoy!

Stop 9 - The Royal Crescent

The next stop on the tour is the Royal Crescent, a stunning row of houses set in a semi-circle. The houses overlook the Royal Victoria Park which is a great place to relax or have fun with friends and family. The park has mini golf, botanical gardens, an adventure playground and the Great Dell Aerial Walkway. This makes it a perfect stop to have some fun before heading home.

The crescent and park are a slight walk out of the town (15/20 minutes from Pulteney Bridge) but it is worth it for the view!

Stop 10 - Southgate Shopping Centre

Once you have finished exploring the Royal Crescent and Royal Victoria Park, make your way back into the centre for some shopping. Bath has a range of independent and branded shops so you are bound to find something to suit you. This will be the end of the tour as you will have visited the main sites within Bath, however, there is still plenty more to see if you have the time!

Here are some more suggestions for things to do:

- Botanical Gardens

- The Jane Austen Centre

- National Trust - Bath Assembly Rooms

- The Fashion Museum

- Hedgemead Park

As you can see, Bath is a beautiful quintessential city with lots to see and do. It is the perfect place to stay for a while and take in the relaxing atmosphere. Although in my opinion, it is even better for a day trip to tick another bucket list city off of your list! Bath is my favourite city in England so I hope this has inspired you to visit Bath in the future.

Do you have a favourite city in England?

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