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How to Travel Solo Without Actually Going Solo!

Do you have a desire to travel but can't find anyone to go with? Overwhelmed at the thought of going alone? Well, what if I told you that you can go solo without actually being solo? Check out this guide to find 3 ways you can travel alone without actually having to be a solo traveller!

Travelling solo is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you can do. It allows you to do the things you want to do without being tied to someone else's schedule. You can also feel a sense of independence and accomplishment when visiting somewhere alone.

The thought of travelling completely alone can be quite scary and sometimes you don't know where to start. That's because it can be a big step when travelling and it's okay to be worried. That's why I have compiled some ways in which you can be a solo traveller without being alone 24/7. These travel ideas will bridge the gap between travelling completely solo and travelling with a group of friends.

Okay, these travel ideas won't actually mean you are with people all of the time but you will only be physically solo on the flights to your destination. That's not too bad though as you can relax and you haven't got to worry about other people you're with reaching the right place.

Volunteering Abroad

The first option for solo travel is to volunteer somewhere abroad. There are lots of companies around the World which accept volunteers for different areas such as teaching or working with animals. These trips are amazing as you can feel a sense of accomplishment that you are giving something back to communities or the environment as well as getting to see somewhere new. The trips are often hard work but rewarding and you will most likely get some downtime to explore the country you are in. Not only this but you will also be with like-minded people who have also travelled solo, specifically to volunteer. This means that you can get to meet new people and not be alone in your adventures. This makes volunteering a perfect solution to travelling solo as you are still free to explore alone if you feel like it and have some alone time but there will be a wide range of people in the same boat as you, who will be more than willing to explore with you.

For example, I volunteered in Greece with a sea turtle conservation project for 2 weeks in 2019 and had the most amazing time! I even went back in 2021 because I loved the work so much. Both times I met new people from a wide variety of countries and we got to explore the area together.

When researching trips make sure that you fully read the description to check that it is something you are up for as sometimes the work or accommodation may not be what you expect. These projects require ALOT of hard work and determination so make sure you are prepared for this before going. For example, the project I joined had early morning starts and you were only given 1 day off in a 2 week period. However, I still had plenty of time to explore in the afternoons. Make sure to research your chosen project thoroughly to ensure it is something you want to do and can deal with.

I'm sure you will love volunteering as a solo traveller if you choose this option! If this isn't quite for you then keep reading to see the other ways to travel solo.

Language Schools

Do you love learning some of the languages before heading to a new country or looking up the culture? Then this option might be for you. There are many language schools abroad which are designed just for tourists to go and learn the language. You can sign up for however long you wish to visit, whether that is one week or one year! You will also be placed into a class which suits your level so there is no need to worry about not being able to speak any of the language before your trip. Instead you will leave with lots more knowledge than you had before.

Studying at a language school is great as you are really getting immersed in the language and culture of the country you are visiting. Classes typically run in the morning during the weekdays so you are still left with the afternoons and weekends to explore as much as you wish. As you will be in a class with other students, you will not be completely alone as you will be interacting with people from many different countries (in one of my classes we had Japanese, Dutch and English students all learning Italian!). Therefore, you can either explore alone after class if you feel comfortable but if not, you are likely to meet people in the class who also wish to explore with you. The language schools also offer many activities such as walking tours and meals out throughout the week for afternoons and evenings. You can sign up for these activities and get to explore the city you are in but in a larger group which is less overwhelming.

Most language schools can also help set up your accommodation for you. This can be in an apartment by yourself, in shared accommodation or even homestays. You are free to sort out your accommodation if you wish but staying with a local family or other students can also be a good way to meet new people and practice the language you are learning.

I had great fun studying Italian in Bologna as I learned a lot about the culture as they incorporate it into the curriculum. I also managed to visit Verona, Parma, and Modena at the weekends and explored Bologna in my free time. During the mid-morning breaks, we also met at a local cafe where we could meet other people attending the school. Attending a language school is a great way to travel as a solo traveller without being alone 24/7. The only downside is that you should expect to be given some homework as you are attending school but normally this doesn't take too long and you will have plenty of time to complete it!

If you think that a language school is for you then you can search for the language you want to learn by researching language schools in the country or city you wish to visit.

Group Tours

This last option is one of the better-known ways to travel as a solo traveller. Group tours are a great but fast way to travel around an area and see multiple places quickly. As you are travelling on an organised tour there will be multiple other people with you and you do not have to worry about planning any of the logistics yourself. This makes group tours a relaxed way to travel and you are bound to meet people to explore with as there will be other solo travellers. As well as this, there will be plenty of times when you will explore as a group and have meals out together so you do not have to worry about eating in a restaurant alone.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to do any group tours yet (COVID ruined the one I had planned) so I can't say how great they are from personal experience. However, I know many people that have done tours and loved them. There are lots of tours available all around the World so you will be able to find one for the experience you are after. For example, some trips will have you travelling around Europe or North America on a coach and staying in hotels, sometimes you can find camping tours as well. There are even tours where you can sail around countries or Islands! Whatever you want to do there will be a tour for you. There are many tours which are also based on age range, activity level and whether you wish to relax or party! If you are unsure where to start looking then try scouring these websites below to find the trip for you:

- gadventures.com (Perfect for exploring multiple locations in a short space of time by coach, rail, hiking or cycling. There are even wellness retreats available.)

- contiki.com (Contiki have many trips available such as adventure, safaris. sailing and short breaks.)

- intrepid.com (Intrepid also do tours based on adventure, walking, cruises, food and nature.)

As you can see there are lots of tours available around the World and you can do as many as you like, who's stopping you?! There are also lots of trips available based on your budget and the location you want to visit as most tour companies will have at least one tour available on every continent, including Antarctica!

There we have it, 3 ways for you to travel the World as a solo traveller without ever having to be alone (apart from the flights there and back!). These trips will be perfect for you if you want to travel without having to stress about planning or cannot find anyone to travel with. So what are you waiting for? Go book your next trip now and don't look back!

What about you, have you ever travelled solo in one of the ways suggested above? If you have, where did you go and what method did you use?

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