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5 Best Places to Eat in Ubud, Bali for Every Occasion

Ubud has so much to offer travellers from stunning waterfalls, amazing mountain views, rice fields and monkeys. Not only this but Ubud has many great restaurants and cafes which can make it hard to choose where to eat. If you are like me then you also know the daily struggle of picking somewhere to have dinner. This is why I have compiled a list of my top 5 places to eat when in Ubud. The guide below shows places which I have tried and tested numerous times and the food is so delicious that I keep going back!

1. Suka Espresso

Suka Espresso is hands down the best restaurant in Ubud. The restaurant is the perfect place to go for brunch and you are guaranteed to find something you'll like. I have tried a few things on the menu but I keep going back for the bacon and egg burger and berry pancakes (the best pancakes I've ever eaten, they honestly taste amazing!). The upstairs balcony seating provides a great hideaway from the busy streets below. It's such a great way to avoid the midday sun but still feel a part of the atmosphere in Ubud.

The restaurant is also reasonably priced, especially for breakfast items. The breakfast is available all day which makes it the perfect brunch and lunch stop. Lots of these items are also within their 55k (IDR) breakfast offer, where everything is only 55k (IDR)!

Although Suka Espresso is mostly known for breakfast, they also have a varied dinner menu. The BBQ chicken quesadillas are so good! If you are unable to make it here for breakfast then you won't be disappointed with dinner, it is just as good.

Price: ££

Rating: *****

2. Sugriwa's Warung

When you're in Indonesia, you have to try some Indonesian food. Warungs are the best places to eat Indonesian Food as they are often run by local families. There are lots of Warungs around Ubud however, the best by far is Sugriwa's Warung. Tucked off of the main street, you will find a small, welcoming restaurant with attentive staff and delicious food! The interior design is also so pretty. I love people-watching here and keep coming back for the heavenly Mie Goreng.

The restaurant has lots of dishes to try but the most famous is Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng. There are also plenty of starters to try including gyoza, spring rolls and french fries. The prices are also amazingly cheap here too so it is a great place to visit when on a budget!

Price: £

Rating: *****

3. Sami Warung

Like many of the best restaurants, you will often find them tucked away and hidden from touristy areas. This is definitely the case for Sami Warung! This restaurant is located close to the top of Monkey Forest Road before you reach Ubud Palace. If you are on a moped it is very easy to miss as there is no downstairs seating! The whole restaurant is located upstairs in a small and cosy setting with a great vibe. Once you have made your way through the narrow doorway and up the stairs you will be amazed at some great views of the street below. If you are lucky enough you can nab a seat at the front which overlooks the street (Top Tip! Arrive earlier around 5 pm and you will have a better chance to grab a seat here). These seats are perfect to see the sunset on a clear day as they face West. I love sitting here with the view of the sunset (which is always amazing in Ubud!) and soaking up the bustling atmosphere below.

Okay, enough about the atmosphere and view, the food is more important. One of the other reasons why Sami Warung is amazing is because they have a huge variety of cuisines on offer. There is always something for everyone to eat whether that's Asian and Indonesian food, Italian (pasta), American (burgers) or Mexican (burritos and fajitas)! This makes it the perfect place to eat for dinner, with great food and an amazing atmosphere, you won't be disappointed.

Price: ££

Rating: *****

4. Ubud Cinnamon

If you're craving something sweet then run, don't walk to Ubud Cinnamon! They will be the best cinnamon buns you have ever eaten! As it is still quite new there are only 5 flavours to choose from, original, chocolate, cream cheese, Irish cream and salted caramel. Although, there are often limited edition flavours too (This month they have Lotus Biscoff!). There are lots of sizes and plenty of ice cream flavours and drinks to choose from as well. The buns are freshly made so come out warm and they taste incredible! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. If you'd rather have something savoury then they also have a bearnaise roll and some tasty bagels too.

The buns are reasonably priced, the 4 pictured below cost 60k (IDR) and are the assorted mini pack. Although, there was nothing mini about these rolls! They are great value for money and there are lots of offers available too.

(Top Tip: If you leave a review on google then you will be invited back for 1 free bun, coffee or gelato!)

Not only are the buns simply delicious but the staff are so friendly. We had a great chat with the staff about Balinese traditions and they even took the time to learn our names which really set them apart from other cafes we've visited.

Price: ££

Rating: *****

5. The Sandwich Bar

If you miss having a typical Western sandwich or toastie then The Sandwich Bar is the perfect place for you! It is a great lunch spot with multiple sandwiches and sides to pick from. In my opinion, the chicken salt fries are the best thing about this place but you'll have to try them yourself to decide. If sandwiches aren't your thing then you'll still be spoilt for choice with plenty of salads, quiches, sweet pies and egg options.

The prices are more on the expensive side for Ubud but The Sandwich Bar is a great cheat day and treat for lunch.

Price: £££

Rating: ****

There we have it, the top 5 places to eat in Ubud, with options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner AND dessert! If none of these took your fancy then there are still lots of other options including Nostimo Greek Grill, Famous Pizza Ubud and Mozzarella.

I want to hear from you and create a larger set of recommendations. Comment below if there are any other restaurants or cafes in Ubud that you think could have made this list!

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